Pratap Faujdar is a highly accomplished artist who has received widespread recognition for his exceptional contributions to the realms of comedy and poetry. With an enchanting stage presence and a distinctive combination of clever humor and profound wisdom, Faujdar has captivated audiences on numerous platforms.
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Pratap Faujdar, born on September 20, 1955, in Punjab, has gained widespread recognition for his exceptional talent as a Hasya Kavi, or comic poet. He has become renowned for his sharp political satire and humorous poetry, captivating not only his local community but also garnering a dedicated following beyond his immediate vicinity. Faujdar‘s ability to intricately weave witty commentary on social issues, drawing inspiration from his own daily experiences, sets him apart and further solidifies his popularity.

PRATAP FAUJDAR’s Background Information:

  • Alongside his prowess as a poet, Pratap Faujdar takes immense pride in being the owner of an automobile components factory. His entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering dedication to both his business and artistic pursuits have played a significant role in his success.
  • Faujdar‘s journey into the realms of comedy and poetry was greatly influenced by his mentor, the celebrated comedian Ashok Chakradhar. Under Chakradhar’s expert guidance, Faujdar refined his comedic timing, sharpened his wit, and developed a unique style that deeply resonates with his audiences.
  • A pivotal moment in Pratap Faujdar‘s career occurred when a friend from Agra shared a CD recording of his performance with STAR, a highly respected television network in India. Enthralled by Faujdar‘s precision and artistry, the network extended an invitation for him to participate in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Dwitiya. His remarkable talent and ability to captivate the audience not only garnered high praise from the judges but also earned him special recognition from the esteemed Navjot Singh Sidhu.
  • Faujdar remains immensely grateful to the channel for providing him with a platform to showcase his comedic talent. He acknowledges the significance of this opportunity and holds deep gratitude towards the network for propelling his career to new heights.
  • Pratap Faujdar‘s humorous performances consistently receive resounding applause at various events, including Thomso’2012, a prestigious cultural festival. His ability to entertain and engage the audience with his humor was exceptionally well-received, further cementing his reputation as a highly talented Hasya Kavi.
  • The demand for Pratap Faujdar‘s comedic prowess continues to soar, transcending boundaries of popularity. His infectious laughter, coupled with his innate ability to spread joy through his comedy, has earned him a special place in the hearts of his fans. His trip to the UK stands as a testament to his ever-increasing popularity and the global recognition he has achieved.
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Full NamePratap Faujdar
Date of BirthSeptember 20, 1955
Place of BirthPunjab, India
ProfessionHasya Kavi, Stand-up Comedian
Notable SkillsPolitical Satire, Humorous Poetry
MentorAshok Chakradhar
BusinessOwner of an Automobile Components Factory
Popular PerformancesThe Great Indian Laughter Challenge Dwitiya, Thomso’2012
AchievementsHigh praise from judges and audience, Recognition from Navjot Singh Sidhu
PopularityGrowing global recognition
Net Worth$150,000-$250,000


  • Linguistic Versatility: Pratap Faujdar showcases his linguistic versatility by excelling not only in Hindi but also in other languages such as Punjabi and Urdu. This ability to seamlessly transition between languages adds richness and variety to his performances, enabling him to connect with a broader audience base.
  • Engineering Background: Prior to embarking on his journey as a comedian and poet, Faujdar pursued a degree in engineering. His educational background in this field brings a distinct perspective to his comedic commentary, as he cleverly incorporates technical and scientific references into his humorous narratives.
  • Commitment to Philanthropy: Beyond his artistic endeavors, Pratap Faujdar actively engages in philanthropic activities. He frequently participates in charity events and lends his support to causes related to education, healthcare, and social welfare. His dedication to creating a positive impact on society is a testament to his compassionate nature that extends beyond the spotlight.
  • Engaging with the Community: Faujdar demonstrates deep involvement with his local community and consistently interacts with his fans and followers. He organizes meet-and-greet sessions, interactive workshops, and open mic events, providing aspiring comedians and poets with opportunities to showcase their talents. Faujdar‘s eagerness to nurture emerging artists highlights his commitment to uplifting others within the artistic community.
  • Inspirational Speaker: Pratap Faujdar extends his influence beyond comedy and poetry by delivering motivational speeches. Drawing from his personal journey, he emphasizes the importance of perseverance, passion, and embracing one’s unique talents. Through his inspirational talks, Faujdar encourages individuals to fearlessly pursue their dreams and find fulfillment in their chosen paths.
  • Mentoring Aspirants: Alongside his own successful career, Faujdar actively takes on the role of a mentor. He offers guidance and support to aspiring comedians and poets, assisting them in honing their skills and navigating the competitive entertainment industry. Faujdar‘s dedication to nurturing emerging talent underscores his commitment to the growth of the artistic community as a whole.
  • Passion for Literature: Pratap Faujdar possesses a deep affection for literature that extends beyond the realms of comedy and poetry. He is an avid reader who delves into various genres, including fiction, philosophy, and biographies. Faujdar believes that a well-rounded understanding of literature enriches his creative expression and contributes to his comedic prowess.
  • Finding Humor in Everyday Life: Faujdar‘s distinctive talent lies in his ability to find humor in ordinary aspects of daily life. With a keen eye for observing the subtle quirks of human behavior, he skillfully incorporates these observations into his comedic routines. Faujdar‘s humor serves as a reminder to audiences to find laughter and joy even in the simplest of moments.


In conclusion, Pratap Faujdar, born on September 20, 1955, in Punjab, embarked on a journey from being an engineer to becoming a renowned Hasya Kavi, showcasing his multifaceted talents. From his sharp political satire to his humorous poetry, Faujdar‘s ability to entertain and inspire is truly remarkable. His deep appreciation for his mentor, Ashok Chakradhar, and the opportunities presented by platforms such as The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Dwitiya and Thomso’2012 are evident. Pratap Faujdar‘s infectious laughter continues to bring joy to audiences worldwide, solidifying his position as an emerging star in the realms of comedy and poetry.

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