(LATA HAYA) Renowned for her poignant and thought-provoking poetry, LATA HAYA stands as a celebrated poet. Her mastery of Urdu, Hindi, and Rajasthani allows her to delve into a wide array of poetic styles, deftly expressing the depths of human emotions. Alongside her profound impact on readers, Lata Haya's commitment to social causes solidifies her standing as a prominent and influential figure in the realm of poetry.
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Born on June 15 in Jaipur, India to a Marwari family, Lata Haya is an acclaimed poet whose poetic expressions capture the essence of emotions. Her verses, profound and deeply stirring, have solidified her position as a significant voice in the poetry world.

From a young age, Lata Haya displayed a remarkable inclination towards literature and poetry, hailing from a small town in India. Driven by her passion for the written word, she embarked on a journey of exploring various literary forms and experimenting with diverse writing styles. With her keen eye for detail and profound understanding of human emotions, Haya‘s poetry resonates profoundly with readers.

LATA HAYA’s Background Information:

  • One notable aspect of Lata Haya‘s career is her association with the renowned show Alif Laila, also known as Arabian Nights. This popular television series showcases enchanting stories from the Arabian Peninsula. Haya‘s poetic prowess became an integral part of the show, adding depth and a poetic touch to the narratives. Her contributions to “Alif Laila” further established her reputation as a versatile and talented poet.
  • Lata Haya‘s poetry beautifully reflects the human experience, exploring a wide range of themes such as love, loss, spirituality, and social issues. Her verses possess a mesmerizing quality that evokes profound emotions in the hearts of readers. With her unique blend of simplicity and depth, Haya has the power to transport readers to a realm where emotions flow freely and thoughts find solace.
  • Throughout her illustrious career, Lata Haya has published several collections of poetry, each showcasing her mastery of language and her ability to deeply touch the hearts of her audience. Works such as “Dil Ki Basti,” “Roshni Ke Safar,” and “Sarhad Ke Par” have garnered widespread praise from literary critics and poetry enthusiasts alike.
  • In addition to her written works, Lata Haya has performed her poetry at numerous national and international events. Her powerful and evocative recitations have captivated audiences, leaving a lasting impact. With her distinct voice and engaging stage presence, she breathes life into her verses, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for listeners.
  • Lata Haya‘s contributions to Urdu literature have earned her numerous accolades and recognition. She has been honored with prestigious awards, including the Sahitya Akademi Award and the Faiz Ahmad Faiz Award, among others. These accolades are a testament to her significant influence on the literary landscape and her unwavering dedication to the art of poetry.
  • Beyond her poetic achievements, Lata Haya is known for her philanthropic endeavors. She actively participates in social causes, utilizing her platform to raise awareness and support for issues like women’s empowerment and education. Her commitment to making a positive impact on society reflects her compassionate nature and her belief in the transformative power of words.


Full NameLata Haya, Pen Name = “Haya”
Birth DateJune 15
Birth PlaceJaipur, India
Known ForProfound and soul-stirring Urdu poetry
Notable Works“Dil Ki Basti,” “Roshni Ke Safar,” “Sarhad Ke Par”
Show AssociationAlif Laila (Arabian Nights)
AwardsSahitya Akademi Award, Faiz Ahmad Faiz Award, and more
Philanthropic WorkActive in social causes, women’s empowerment, education
GenreUrdu Poetry
Writing StyleExpressive, profound, and emotive
Literary InfluencesNot specified


  • Lata Haya possesses an exceptional talent for languages, extending beyond her renowned contributions to Urdu poetry. Proficient in Hindi and Rajasthani as well, her linguistic versatility empowers her to explore a wide range of poetic styles and connect with diverse audiences.
  • Growing up in Jaipur, Lata Haya was immersed in a vibrant cultural environment that revered literature and art, fostering her deep affection for the written word from an early age.
  • Before fully dedicating herself to poetry, Lata Haya embarked on a transformative journey from teaching to pursuing her poetic aspirations. Her experience as a school teacher endowed her with a profound understanding of human emotions and a unique ability to connect with people from various backgrounds, profoundly shaping her poetic sensibilities.
  • Embracing the power of social media, Lata Haya utilizes platforms like YouTube and Instagram to expand her reach and engage with poetry enthusiasts worldwide. Through these channels, she shares her poetry and musings, leveraging technology to disseminate her artistic expressions.
  • Collaborating with renowned musicians and composers, Lata Haya breathes life into her poignant verses through soul-stirring musical renditions. These collaborations infuse her heartfelt poetry with melodious compositions, creating a harmonious marriage of music and verse that captivates listeners.
  • Beyond her poetic talents, Lata Haya is recognized as an inspiring speaker, delivering motivational talks and sharing insights on life, creativity, and personal growth. Invitations to various events and conferences have provided her with a platform to inspire audiences with her wisdom and positivity, extending the impact of her artistic endeavors.
  • Lata Haya‘s poetic prowess has gained international acclaim, earning her invitations to prestigious poetry festivals and events across the globe. Her powerful performances transcend language barriers, captivating audiences from different continents and fostering a global appreciation for the beauty of Urdu poetry.
  • Actively engaged as a mentor, Lata Haya guides aspiring poets and conducts poetry workshops, generously sharing her knowledge and experiences to nurture emerging talents and encourage the exploration of their unique poetic expressions.
  • In addition to her collaborations with musicians, Lata Haya has embarked on artistic collaborations with visual artists, photographers, and filmmakers. These interdisciplinary projects showcase the convergence of poetry with other art forms, infusing her creative endeavors with depth and richness.
  • Lata Haya‘s commitment to social initiatives is evident through her involvement in various causes that promote education, particularly for underprivileged children. Firmly believing in the transformative power of education, she actively supports organizations dedicated to providing equitable access to quality education for all.


In conclusion, Lata Haya is a celebrated poet whose verses deeply touch the souls of readers and listeners. With her profound insights, evocative language, and captivating performances, she has firmly established herself as a prominent figure in the realm of Urdu poetry. Her contributions to literature and her commitment to social causes make her an inspirational figure, leaving an indelible mark on the literary heritage of India and beyond.

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