Anjum Rehbar, a distinguished poet from India, captivates readers with her profound and thought-provoking verses written in Urdu and Hindi. Her evocative expressions and lyrical beauty make her a revered figure in the realm of poetry.
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Anjum Rehbar, a distinguished poet from India, has gained recognition for her poignant and captivating verses written in both Urdu and Hindi. Born on September 17, 1962, in Guna district Madhya Pradesh. she has emerged as a prominent figure in the literary realm, captivating readers with her profound expressions and thought-provoking poetry.

From an early age, Anjum showcased a deep passion for language and the art of poetry. Her love for Urdu and Hindi poetry set her on a poetic journey, where she developed her distinctive voice and poetic style. With her natural talent and unwavering dedication, Anjum Rehbar embarked on a path that would establish her as a celebrated poet.

ANJUM REHBAR’s Background Information:

  • Anjum Rehbar‘s poetry explores a wide spectrum of themes, delving into the intricacies of life, love, relationships, and spirituality. Her verses effortlessly blend vivid imagery, intense emotions, and philosophical reflections. Through her profound words, she creates a vivid tapestry of human experiences, inviting readers to delve into the depths of their own thoughts and emotions.
  • Anjum Rehbar has published several collections of poetry, including the highly acclaimed works “Kuch Din Se Zindagi Mujhe Pehchanti Nahi” and “Malmal Kache Dhagoon Ki.” These collections have garnered praise for their poignant verses and resonant themes. Anjum Rehbar‘s poetry is characterized by its lyrical beauty, striking metaphors, and profound introspection.
  • Her words possess the power to evoke emotions, provoke contemplation, and provide solace to those who connect with her poetic expressions. Rehbar‘s poetry has touched the hearts of poetry enthusiasts not only in India but also around the world.
  • Rehbar‘s literary contributions have been widely acknowledged and honored. Her works have received prestigious literary awards and recognition from esteemed literary organizations. These accolades acknowledge her literary prowess, her ability to connect with readers, and the impact of her poetry on the literary landscape. (Indira Gandhi Award, Sahitya Bharti Award, Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Award, Guna ka Gaurav Award)
  • Beyond her written works, Anjum Rehbar is renowned for her captivating recitations and performances. Her powerful and soul-stirring renditions have mesmerized audiences at poetry gatherings, mushairas, and literary events. Anjum‘s recitals breathe life into her poetry, bringing forth the emotions and depth of her verses in a way that deeply resonates with listeners.
  • Rehbar‘s influence extends beyond her creative endeavors. She serves as an inspirational mentor to aspiring poets, providing guidance and nurturing their talents. Actively participating in literary festivals, seminars, and workshops, she generously shares her experiences, insights, and expertise. Rehbar‘s contributions to the literary community are not limited to her own poetry but also encompass her efforts to foster a vibrant and inclusive space for aspiring writers.


Full NameAnjum Rehbar
Date of BirthSeptember 17, 1962
LanguageUrdu, Hindi
Notable Works“Kuch Din Se Zindagi Mujhe Pehchanti Nahi”
“Malmal Kache Dhagoon Ki”
AwardsVarious literary awards and recognition
ContributionsProfound poetry exploring life, love, and spirituality
InfluenceInspirational mentor and captivating performer
Literary StyleEvocative, introspective, and thought-provoking
AffiliationActive participant in literary festivals, seminars, and workshops


  • Linguistic Proficiency: Anjum Rehbar showcases her mastery of multiple languages, including English and Punjabi, in addition to Urdu and Hindi. Her ability to communicate in diverse languages allows her to explore a wide range of literary traditions and connect with a broader readership.
  • Addressing Sociopolitical Issues: Rehbar‘s poetry delves deep into the realm of sociopolitical concerns, offering perceptive commentary on subjects such as social justice, inequality, and human rights. Through her thought-provoking verses, she provides a platform for generating awareness and initiating meaningful discussions.
  • Literary Versatility: While renowned for her poetry, Anjum Rehbar has ventured beyond the realm of poetry, engaging with various literary forms. She expresses her versatility as a writer through essays, articles, and literary criticism, demonstrating her commitment to exploring different facets of literature.
  • Active Involvement in the Literary Community: Anjum Rehbar actively engages with the literary community by participating in poetry gatherings, mushairas (poetic symposiums), and literary festivals. Her presence not only enriches the artistic discourse but also provides emerging poets with a platform to showcase their work.
  • Philanthropic Endeavors: Anjum Rehbar is recognized for her philanthropic efforts and involvement in social causes. She aligns herself with organizations dedicated to promoting education, women’s empowerment, and the welfare of underprivileged communities. Leveraging her position as a poet, she advocates for positive change.
  • Crossing Geographical Boundaries: Rehbar‘s poetry transcends geographical borders, captivating audiences beyond the confines of India. Her work has been translated into various languages, enabling readers from diverse cultures to experience and appreciate the emotive power of her verses.
  • Mentorship and Guidance: Anjum Rehbar actively mentors aspiring poets, nurturing their talents and assisting them in finding their unique creative voice. Through workshops and personalized guidance, she encourages young writers to explore their potential and contribute meaningfully to the world of poetry.
  • Collaborations in the Arts: Anjum Rehbar has collaborated with renowned artists and musicians, fusing poetry with music, dance, and visual arts. These interdisciplinary collaborations exemplify her willingness to explore new artistic realms and push the boundaries of creative expression.
  • Inspiration from Travel: Anjum Rehbar draws inspiration for her poetry from her travels across India and abroad. Immersed in diverse landscapes, traditions, and communities, she weaves these experiences into her poetic narratives, creating a tapestry of cultural exploration.
  • Literary Legacy: Anjum Rehbar‘s contributions to Urdu and Hindi poetry have left an enduring imprint on the literary landscape. Her words continue to resonate with readers, inspiring a new generation of poets and enriching the poetic tradition with her unique perspectives and profound insights.


In conclusion, Anjum Rehbar is a gifted poet from India, whose verses in Urdu and Hindi have left an indelible mark on the literary world. Her profound expressions, rich imagery, and deep reflections have established her as an influential figure in the realm of poetry. Anjum Rehbar‘s ability to touch hearts, provoke thoughts, and evoke emotions through her poetry have garnered immense respect and admiration. Her contributions to literature continue to inspire and leave a lasting impact on poetry enthusiasts, both in India and beyond.

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