Hullad Muradabadi, popularly known as Hullad Muradabadi Hasya Kavi, was an acclaimed Indian poet celebrated for his humorous poetry. With his wit and satirical verses, he entertained audiences through his unique style of wordplay and comedic delivery. Hullad Muradabadi's legacy as a comedic poet continues to resonate with poetry enthusiasts, bringing laughter and joy to readers even after his passing.
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Hullad Muradabadi, originally known as Susheel Kumar Chadha, emerged as a revered Hasya Kavi, or comic poet, hailing from India. He was born on 29th May 1942 in Gujranwala, Pakistan, and later his family moved to Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Muradabadi‘s exceptional wit and humor expressed through his poetic compositions established him as an adored personality in the realm of Hasya Kavita.

HULLAD MURADABADI’s Background Information:

  • Right from his early years, Hullad Muradabadi showcased an innate talent for crafting humorous verses. His keen sense of humor and astute observations of everyday life enabled him to fashion amusing and relatable poems that deeply resonated with audiences across India. His distinctive style of comedic poetry, often infused with insightful social commentary, garnered him recognition and a dedicated following.
  • Hullad Muradabadi‘s poetry was characterized by its playful language, clever wordplay, and satirical elements. He possessed an extraordinary ability to uncover humor in ordinary situations and transform them into witty and entertaining verses. Through his captivating performances at mushairas (poetry gatherings) and public appearances, Hullad Muradabadi spread laughter and joy among countless individuals.
  • Born as Susheel Kumar Chadha in Gujranwala, Pakistan, he later settled in Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh. From a young age, he exhibited a profound interest in literature and poetry, nurturing a deep passion for the art of humor and embarking on a journey to explore the realm of Hasya Kavita.
  • In his pursuit of poetic excellence, Susheel Kumar Chadha adopted the pen name “Hullad Muradabadi.” This name not only paid homage to his birthplace but also reflected his profound connection with the city and its rich cultural heritage.
  • Muradabadi‘s poetic compositions encompassed a broad range of subjects, including social issues, politics, relationships, and everyday experiences. His verses often carried incisive social commentary, shedding light on the realities of society with a touch of humor. His acute observation of human behavior, skillfully transformed into amusing anecdotes, made him relatable to audiences from all walks of life.
  • His performances at mushairas and various poetry gatherings were distinguished by his charismatic stage presence and ability to captivate the audience. Hullad Muradabadi‘s animated recitations, accompanied by his distinctive voice and expressive gestures, added an extra layer of humor to his already witty verses. He effortlessly connected with his listeners, evoking laughter and creating a joyous ambiance wherever he went.
  • Throughout his illustrious career, Hullad Muradabadi participated in numerous poetry festivals, cultural events, and television shows, thereby solidifying his reputation as a prominent Hasya Kavi. His unique amalgamation of humor, satire, and social commentary earned him admiration and respect from fellow poets and poetry enthusiasts.
  • Hullad Muradabadi‘s legacy as a Hasya Kavi continues to inspire aspiring poets and entertain audiences, even after his passing. His wit, charm, and distinct comedic style have left an indelible imprint on the art of Hasya Kavita in India. His influence can be observed in the works of many contemporary comedians and poets who draw inspiration from his enduring legacy.
  • Although Hullad Muradabadi is no longer present amongst us, his poetry and jovial spirit live on through recordings, videos, and the cherished memories of those fortunate enough to witness his performances. His contributions to the realm of Hasya Kavita will forever be cherished, and his name will be remembered as an eminent figure in India’s comedic poetry tradition.


Full NameHullad Moradabadi
Birth NameSusheel Kumar Chadha
Date of BirthMay 29, 1942
Place of BirthGujranwala, Pakistan
OccupationPoet, Humorist, Satirist
EducationB.Sc., MA in Hindi
SpouseKrishna Chadha
Notable Works– Itni uchi mat chodo
– Kya Karegi Chandni
– Ye Ander Ki Bat Hai
– Triveni
– Tathakathit bhagwano ke naam
AwardsSahitya Akademi Award
Place of ResidenceMumbai, India
Date of DeathJuly 12, 2014
Cause of DeathComplications from diabetes


  • Birth Name: Hullad Moradabadi was born with the name Susheel Kumar Chadha but adopted the pen name “Hullad Moradabadi” for his literary career. This name became synonymous with his poetic identity and gained widespread recognition.
  • Influence of Moradabad: Hullad Moradabadi chose “Moradabadi” as part of his pen name to honor the city of Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh, India. This city, known for its rich cultural heritage and contribution to Urdu literature, played a significant role in shaping his artistic journey.
  • Multi-Faceted Talent: While Hullad Moradabadi is primarily recognized as a poet, he also ventured into other creative fields. He wrote lyrics for the Hindi satirical film “Nasbandi” and even showcased his acting skills as a comedian in movies like “Bandhan Baahon Ka” and “Santosh.”
  • International Recognition: Hullad Moradabadi‘s talent transcended borders, and he gained international acclaim for his poetic prowess. He had the opportunity to participate in Kavi Sammelans and perform in various countries, including Hong Kong, Bangkok, Canada, Australia, London, Manchester, and America, leaving a lasting impression on global audiences.
  • Philanthropic Contributions: Beyond his literary accomplishments, Hullad Moradabadi was known for his philanthropic endeavors. He actively supported charitable initiatives and worked towards the betterment of society, showcasing his commitment to social causes and using his platform to make a positive impact.
  • Diverse Themes: Hullad Moradabadi‘s poetry encompassed a wide range of themes, going beyond love and spirituality. He delved into social issues and human experiences, exploring the complexities of life through his profound verses. His ability to capture the essence of these themes in a thought-provoking manner added depth to his poetic repertoire.
  • Linguistic Brilliance: Hullad Moradabadi‘s command over the Urdu language and his mastery of intricate wordplay set him apart as a poet. His verses were known for their rich imagery, metaphors, and linguistic brilliance, captivating readers and evoking a myriad of emotions.
  • Posthumous Legacy: Although Hullad Moradabadi passed away on July 12, 2014, his contributions to Hindi literature continue to resonate. His literary works, performances, and dedication to his craft have left an enduring legacy, inspiring aspiring poets and poetry enthusiasts to this day.


In conclusion, Hullad Muradabadi shines as a luminary in the realm of Urdu poetry, leaving an indelible imprint on the literary landscape. His poetry, with its enchanting lyrical beauty, thought-provoking themes, and linguistic brilliance, continues to inspire and uplift readers. As a poet and a philanthropist, Hullad Muradabadi‘s contributions to literature and society are truly remarkable. His words resonate with individuals from all walks of life, inviting them to connect with the profound beauty and power of language. Hullad Muradabadi‘s enduring legacy ensures that he remains a poet of immense significance, inspiring generations to come with his passion, introspection, and wisdom.

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