Akhil Katyal, an accomplished poet originating from India, is celebrated for his remarkable literary skills. His poetic expression seamlessly intertwines emotions and social observations, resulting in widespread recognition within the realm of Indian literature.
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Akhil Katyal, born in 1985 in the vibrant city of Bareilly, India, has established himself as a celebrated poet and writer, leaving an indelible mark on the literary scene. His remarkable literary talents shine through his acclaimed works, which include “Like Blood on the Bitten Tongue: Delhi Poems,” “How Many Countries Does the Indus Cross,” and “Night Charge Extra.” These collections have garnered widespread acclaim for their profound insights and evocative use of language, captivating readers around the world.

AKHIL KATYAL’s Background Information:

  • In recognition of his exceptional abilities, Akhil Katyal was honored with the prestigious International Writing Fellowship at the University of Iowa in 2016. This highly esteemed fellowship provided him with an invaluable platform to refine his craft, collaborate with fellow writers, and immerse himself in the vibrant literary community of the university. The experience broadened his horizons, deepened his understanding of global literature, and further solidified his standing as a significant voice in contemporary writing.
  • Akhil Katyal‘s literary contributions have earned him numerous accolades, including the esteemed Vijay Nambisan Poetry Fellowship in 2021. This prestigious recognition not only highlights his exceptional talent but also underscores his significant impact on the poetry scene. Through his thought-provoking verses and poignant narratives, Akhil Katyal delves into the depths of human emotions, challenging societal norms and providing readers with fresh perspectives on the complexities of life.
  • Beyond his achievements as a writer, Akhil shares his passion and expertise for literature as a dedicated educator at Ambedkar University Delhi. In his role as a teacher, he inspires and nurtures aspiring writers, guiding them in honing their skills and encouraging them to explore the transformative power of words. His commitment to mentoring the next generation of literary talents reflects his deep-seated belief in fostering a vibrant and inclusive literary community.
  • Throughout his career, Akhil Katyal has gained recognition for his captivating performances as a spoken word artist. His dynamic stage presence and magnetic delivery have captivated audiences worldwide, infusing his poetry with vitality and creating a truly immersive experience for listeners. By bridging the gap between the written word and oral tradition, he imparts a tangible energy to his verses, engaging the audience on a profound emotional level.
  • Katyal‘s contributions to the literary world extend beyond his individual works. His active involvement in various literary events and festivals underscores his commitment to promoting the art of poetry and nurturing a sense of camaraderie among fellow writers. His willingness to share his knowledge and experiences has earned him the respect of his peers and established him as a source of inspiration for emerging talents.
  • As a versatile artist, Akhil continually pushes the boundaries of his craft and explores new avenues of expression. His works resonate with readers globally, provoking introspection and leaving a lasting impression on their hearts and minds. With an unwavering dedication to the written word, Akhil Katyal shines as a luminary in the literary world, enriching the literary landscape with his profound insights and artistic brilliance.


Full NameAkhil Katyal
Date of Birth1985
Place of BirthBareilly, India
Notable Works“Like Blood on the Bitten Tongue: Delhi Poems”
“How Many Countries Does the Indus Cross”
“Night Charge Extra”
AwardsVijay Nambisan Poetry Fellowship (2021)
AffiliationAmbedkar University Delhi


  • Linguistic Proficiency: Besides being a renowned poet and writer, Akhil Katyal demonstrates remarkable multilingual skills. Fluent in Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Urdu, his command over multiple languages enriches his literary repertoire and enables him to connect with a diverse range of readers.
  • Academic Pursuits: Katyal‘s passion for literature extends beyond his creative endeavors. With an academic background in English Literature, he possesses a solid foundation in literary theory and criticism. This scholarly knowledge influences his poetic style, allowing him to explore profound themes with intellectual depth.
  • Poetry as Activism: Katyal‘s poetry frequently converges with social and political activism. His works delve into pressing issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, and social justice. Through his poetic voice, he raises awareness, challenges societal norms, and advocates for marginalized communities, leaving a significant impact beyond the realm of literature.
  • Collaborative Ventures: Akhil Katyal actively engages in collaborative projects with artists from various disciplines. By collaborating with musicians, visual artists, and performers, he creates powerful interdisciplinary art that blends different art forms to convey profound messages and evoke strong emotional responses.
  • International Recognition: Katyal‘s literary contributions have garnered international acclaim. He has actively participated in numerous literary festivals, conferences, and readings worldwide, sharing his poetry and engaging in discussions with a global audience. This exposure has facilitated connections with writers from diverse cultures and perspectives, fostering cross-cultural dialogue and enriching his creative process.
  • Literary Critique: In addition to his own creative work, Akhil Katyal has ventured into the realm of literary criticism. He has authored insightful articles and essays, analyzing the works of fellow poets and exploring broader themes and trends within contemporary poetry. His critical analysis showcases a profound understanding of the craft and contributes to the broader discourse surrounding poetry.
  • Mentorship and Education: Akhil is deeply committed to nurturing emerging talents and supporting the next generation of writers. He actively engages in mentorship programs and conducts workshops to guide aspiring poets and writers. Additionally, as a faculty member at Ambedkar University Delhi, he shares his knowledge and passion for literature with students, inspiring and shaping the future voices of literature.
  • Personal Reflections: Akhil‘s poetry often reflects his personal experiences and emotions, providing glimpses into his own journey of self-discovery and growth. His introspective verses invite readers to contemplate their own lives and experiences, fostering a sense of connection and empathy.


In conclusion, Akhil Katyal‘s journey as an Indian poet is characterized by his remarkable literary achievements, diverse talents, and unwavering commitment to social activism. His profound poetry, enriched by his multilingual skills and academic background, captivates readers and prompts introspection. Through collaborations and international exposure, Akhil Katyal has fostered cross-cultural dialogue and left an indelible mark on the global literary landscape. His mentorship, teaching, and critical contributions further exemplify his dedication to nurturing emerging talents and advancing the field of literature. As Akhil Katyal continues to explore new avenues of expression and share his personal reflections, his poetic voice resonates with readers, inviting them on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empathy. With his outstanding contributions and commitment to the written word, Akhil Katyal stands as an influential poet whose legacy will continue to inspire and shape the literary world for generations to come.

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